Origin of OBJKT

OBJKT is a contemporary design ‘Atelier’ and manufacturing house focused on transforming the lines between the fields of architecture and industrial design. OBJKT was founded in early 2020 in Singapore with satellite studios in New York and Goa.

OBJKT’s values are focused on design rigor, flexibility, sustainability, innovation and intelligence. We adopt these ideals in the things we make, the process of making them and our operations. As an ‘Atelier’ we are driven by a continuous quest for new perspectives and insights, brought to life through great design, cutting-edge technology, and responsible manufacturing. We pride ourselves by constantly exploring innovative methods to reinterpret tradition, culture, and heritage imbibing these attributes into a ‘Living’ contemporary lifestyle by being– The Living Atelier!

Each OBJKT is designed in Singapore, then upscaled in collaboration with industry-leading factories, highly detailed craftsmen, and material specialists. Every design process begins with a primary focus on the collaborative effort between manufacturer and designer, as well as the industry and the mass market. The Duo hopes to put greater emphasis on this not-new relationship to inspire emerging designers to relearn the way we design.

How do we define OBJKT?

Mission We are an Atelier who develops and crafts timeless products of the highest artisanal quality and multiple utilities. We are sustainable, innovative and conscious of our finite resources.
Vision We aspire to be a trusted, successful, and growing international brand offering contemporary design furniture. To be an Atelier designing authentic, innovative, and contemporary products. To be a leading and trusted provider of custom design solutions in the region offering premium products and superior customer service.
Values Creative | Collaborative | Responsible

New approaches that will force us to take a step back and re-explore how furniture convey values, how unique silhouettes are formed, and how to achieve longevity. We are speaking about the eternal and the immediate, about timelessness and timeliness. We are inventing the world.

Our Process

OBJKT’s products are manufactured in series. The nature of its products, however, and the materials it uses stand opposed to purely mechanical and fully automated processing. Combining modern production methods with expert hand-craftsmanship, OBJKT furniture is manufactured in keeping with the original vision. Regional sourcing, sustainability, and safety are pursued without compromise, both by OBJKT and its partners, ensuring ethical manufacture and design of the highest quality.


Led by trained architects, having worked with notable award-winning practices responsible towards the delivery of significant and successful projects globally.

The team brings 30 + years of combined expertise in high-end residential to hospitality projects across the globe. We enjoy working across physical and cultural borders offering bespoke solutions to suit our customers and industry partner’s needs. In 2021 Nadia and Benjamin took over the role of creative director. The teams conceptual methodology, driven by an infrastructure for prototyping, fine craft, manufacturing and distribution gave birth to their debut collection ‘6 Serie’(6S). A collection of conceptually driven furniture, lighting, accessories and objects which have since gained significant presence and impact within the design community.

Custom at OBJKT

We offer design consultation and fabrications services for custom orders. We assist and work closely with our customers to design and develop custom/contract ranges particular to your needs. We manufacture with our industry partners within the region nearest to you, providing us the flexibility and ease to carefully monitor and serve our customers effectively and efficiently.

Contractual Services

We also offer value-added services, ranging from Interior design to consultancy on materials and objects. Our design team will assist with the development of each custom order from concept to design drawings, to final shop drawings, through to production. We work with your CAD files and dimensions to create 3D renderings of the highest detail, which also include your specific space and detailed instruction.

Sustainability at OBJKT

We strive to create OBJKT’s that become interactions in people’s lives. We believe that an OBJKT contributes in the most meaningful way to the sustainability discussion if it is, quite simply, never thrown away, if we can make OBJKT’s that suggest the possibility of a commitment to living an entire lifetime alongside them, then the selection of one OBJKT over another becomes important and meaningful and therefore, investment in the quality, value, beauty and worth of the OBJKT’s that surrounds us becomes paramount.

We strive to make wonderful OBJKT’s that suggest the possibility of a lifelong commitment to and by their owners. Our OBJKT’s consider conventional sustainability principles. Our packaging is of course, recycled and recyclable.


Our designs are originals with functionality and aesthetic. Made in limited series; furniture pieces and OBJKT’s with a nearly sculptural presence. We strive to revive and promote traditional craftsmanship aided with advanced manufacturing to achieve an efficient, durable and top-quality product.


Our conscious selection of materials meets high-quality standards, is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified and sustainably sourced from within the region closest to our manufacturers.


We take pride in ensuring the durability and longevity of our products. Each OBJKT is precisely tooled to minimize wastage and is sustainable in our design and manufacturing process. A top-quality manufacturing process with timeless design is the hallmark of everything we do to ensure that your OBJKT will last.


Each OBJKT is hand-finished by our artisans, allowing for slight variations and idiosyncrasies that make our OBJKTs totally unique. We use an eco-conscious natural oil-based protective material with 0% V.O.C. we are committed to maintaining an ethical business practice and a respect for nature.

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