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A true piece of art, the design pays tribute to the exceptional Italian designer Achille Castiglioni. The main materials present are Walnut wood, FENIX NTM.® The coffee table have been created by the hand of high-level artisans. The sculpture shape give it an avant-garde and innovative style. The base is made of canaleatto walnut and has a sumptuous shapes with a single tapered leg inserted in a diagonally cut globe. The round top is of FENIX NTM®, a nanotech material with a matte black finish. This Coffee table it's perfect for those who are passionate about hand craved products with an innovative design. For trade inquiries email us at sales@objktstudio.com

  • Size: 47cm L x 47cm W x 52cm H
  • Weight:
  • Structure material: Canaletto Walnut | White Milk Oak
  • Top material: FENIX NTM Matt Black | White Milk Oak
  • Lead Time: 6 – 8 weeks
  • Customization:
    – Top: Materials
    – Top Materials options: Ceramic, FENIX NTM, Wood
    – Other customization on request
  • For trade inquiries email us at sales@objktstudio.com


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About Elli Collection

Elli is not just a brand but a philosophy. We strongly believe that it is possible to create long-lasting pieces of furniture with Italian excellence, without harming our planet. Our designs are made with passion and purpose. We are a committed brand and we are convinced that small actions lead to big changes. Elli challenges the future with avant-garde shapes and contemporary innovative designs, using the most revolutionary technology that blends with a wide network of highly passionate artisans. It is only through the union of crafts with technology that we are able to give solutions for a better earth. We use the past as a motor power towards innovation, to create with enthusiasm products with a soul and a strong identity. Elli is synonymous of perseverance, curiosity, research, experimentation, innovation and Italian exquisiteness. Our mission is to create beautiful, innovative and enduring design pieces. We speak a new green innovative language thanks to the advanced digital fabrication technology and our design methods.