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Soho Table nero

An Innovative piece of furniture that represent the natural evolution of our traditions. This table has been created with innovative technology and always keeping in mind the health and happiness of our environment. It is composed of a central leg characterized by an organic and slender shape, built using a 3D process. The material used for this piece is glossy white PLA (polylactic acid), which is a bioplastic obtain from corn and wheat. The top that make up the table, has a round shape and it’s available in two versions: Ceramic or FENIX NTM®. SoHo dining table is ideal for design lovers. For trade inquiries email us at sales@objktstudio.com

  • Size:

Single leg

Ø100cm h75cm/Ø39,37in h29,52in
Ø110cm h75cm/Ø43,30in h29,52in
Ø120cm h75cm/Ø47,24in h29,52in

Double leg

240cm*100cm h75cm
94,50in*39,37in h29,52in

  • Weight:
  • Structure material: PLA
  • Finishing: Glossy/Semi-Matt
  • Texture : Fine layer
  • Top material: FENIX NTM®/Natural Wood Indoor
  • Lead Time: 6 – 8 weeks
  • Customization:
    – Top: Dimensions and materials
    – Top : FENIX NTM®/Natural Wood Indoor
    – Structure: Colors (white, black)
    – Other customization on request
  • For trade inquiries email us at sales@objktstudio.com

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About Elli Collection

Elli is not just a brand but a philosophy. We strongly believe that it is possible to create long-lasting pieces of furniture with Italian excellence, without harming our planet. Our designs are made with passion and purpose. We are a committed brand and we are convinced that small actions lead to big changes. Elli challenges the future with avant-garde shapes and contemporary innovative designs, using the most revolutionary technology that blends with a wide network of highly passionate artisans. It is only through the union of crafts with technology that we are able to give solutions for a better earth. We use the past as a motor power towards innovation, to create with enthusiasm products with a soul and a strong identity. Elli is synonymous of perseverance, curiosity, research, experimentation, innovation and Italian exquisiteness. Our mission is to create beautiful, innovative and enduring design pieces. We speak a new green innovative language thanks to the advanced digital fabrication technology and our design methods.